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Mariana D'Amici is the Principal Designer and Creative Director of Damici Design.  From an early age Mariana was aware of the power that space and design played in creating a sense of ease.  As a child she would often reconfigure her bedroom furniture and reset and style her belongings.  She says that she remembers how good it felt to get to the end of the project and sit back and enjoy her small space from a new perspective.  


Today Mariana has accumulated many years of experience in Interior Design and Construction Management through various personal and client driven home development projects.  Mariana resides in North Vancouver with her husband and 3 young children.   

x Mariana


"It is a great blessing to have found a career I love.  Put simply, I feel like I

was born to design and I am truly in my element in this creative field."

home decor
home decor
home decor
home decor
home decor

At Damici Design we are passionate about creating elevated living spaces that emit a sense of "home."


From contemporary to traditional, one thing always remains consistent in the designs that we produce, there is always a firm attention to quality and detail.  It's ALL in the details!


We are always looking to infuse trend setting perspectives and finishings, while maintaining a sense of timelessness.  We believe that natural elements are the basis for creating a warm, inviting aesthetic that will stand the test of time.  

We value the relationships we have formed over the years with preferred architects, builders and craftsmen which helps us maintain our commitment to quality design and construction and enable us to run our operations with ease.

We are dedicated to making sure that we provide value to our clients through our full scale services.  We aim to create dwellings that are not only visually appealing but work to provide complete functionality.   

Our Design Philosophy

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