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A million little decisions...simplified. 

Our Services

Residential Interior and Exterior home design

New home construction and large scale renovations

Preliminary Design


Programming and schematic design


Project goal and budget consultations


Architectural planning assistance

Project Management and Contractor Referrals

Construction Design 

Working documents


 Detailed plans


Contractor site meetings


Material and finishing selections

3D renderings



Furniture and decor layouts and floor plans


Procurement and



Custom furniture design


window coverings, decor and accessorries


You are about to embark on an a great adventure, now let's make sure that you have all the right tools.  Building or renovating a new home is a big undertaking.  The services that a designer provides are invaluable and directly related to the overall success of a project. 

We would all love to have unlimited budgets when it comes to home building but in reality building a home should be primarily seen as an investment. As such, we need to make sure that we are making wise decisions throughout the building process.  Our experience in value engineering and costing can help direct your budget, evaluate and weigh priorities, and suggest ways to lower costs.  Also, as trade members we are provided preferred pricing on materials which can be passed along to our clients.

Function and space planning is paramount and must be considered before construction even begins in order to avoid future disappointment.  When you involve a designer in the home building process you invite a keen set of eyes to evaluate and execute your plans.  Through a collaborative onboarding process we make it a priority to get to know our clients and their unique needs and then make it a goal to see that the planning and execution fits those requirements.     3D renderings are another tool that we provide that give our clients a more realistic idea of how space will look.  

Most people who have decided to try to build a home without professional help often feel that the process is very stressful.  They feel like there were way too many decisions to make, that timelines and deadlines create a sense of pressure to make choices quickly, and that they lacked a sense of informed decision making when taking overall budget and products costing into consideration.   We can help provide a sense of confidence in the decisions that are being made and make the experience enjoyable for you as you watch your dreams unfold.  We have walked this road many times.  Follow our lead!



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